Scalextric Accessories


CODE: 57-C7002

Hand Controller C7002

$38.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C7005

Scalextric Retro-Fit Digital Chip A - Sing...

$35.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C7017

Scalextric Single Lane Radius 3 Curve 22.5...

$20.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C7038

Scalextric 15v Digital Power Supply Unit -...

$79.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C7042

Scalextric Advanced 6 Car Digital Powerbas...

$315.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8146

Scalextric Motor Pack C8146

$24.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8197

Scalextric Motor Pack In-Line With 10mm Sh...

$16.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8215

Scalextric Lap Counter and Timer C8215

$79.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8226

Scalextric Track Supports and Clips C8226

$19.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8247

Scalextric Throttle Extension Cables C8247

$20.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8319

Scalextric Control Tower 57-C8319

$71.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8320

Scalextric Grandstand 57-C8320

$69.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8321

Scalextric Pit Garage 57-C8321

$69.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8329

Scalextric Round Guide Blade, 4 Braid Plat...

$10.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8433

Scalextric ARC ONE Powerbase C8433

$121.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8435

Scalextric ARC PRO Powerbase Upgrade Kit 5...

$339.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8437

Scalextric Adjustable Analogue Hand Contro...

$29.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8515

Scalextric EasyFit Digital Plug C8515

$35.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8516

Scalextric F1 EasyFit Digital Plug C8516

$32.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8545

Scalextric Powerbase 2015 C8545

$59.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8554

Scalextric Track Extension Pack 5 C8554

$69.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8555

Scalextric Track Extension Pack 6 C8555

$69.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-C8556

Scalextric Track Extension Pack 7 C8556

$69.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-W5683

$6.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 57-W8614


$13.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 91-P9302

Hornby Digital 15V 4 Amp Transformer P9302

$91.60 (Inc GST)