HO/OO Servicing


CODE: 66-PL41

Peco PL-41 Rail Cleaner, abrasive rubber b...

$8.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-PL42

Peco PL-42 Wheel Cleaning Brush PL42

$19.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-PL43

Peco Wheel Scraper PL43

$12.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-PL64

Peco PL-64 Power-Lube, liquid lubricant an...

$19.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-PL70

Peco PL-70 Loco Servicing Cradle, for N, O...

$12.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-SL37

Peco SL-37 Re-Railer SL37

$9.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-SL43

Peco SL-43 Loco Lift and Storage Unit SL43

$28.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8097

Hornby Disc Wheels (3 Hole) R8097

$23.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8098

Hornby Spoked Wheels R8098

$26.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8153

Hornby Handbook 2016 R8153

$29.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8219

Hornby NEM Close Couplings R8219

$12.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8220

Hornby Nem Hornby Couplings R8220

$10.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8264

Hornby 14.1mm 2 Hole Wheels R8264

$24.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8267

Hornby Medium Width Couplings R8267

$12.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8268

Hornby Large Width Couplings R8268

$12.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X6030

Hornby Neoprene Tyres for Eurostar,466 4 p...

$4.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X6247

Hornby Small Traction Tyres for Class 395 ...

$8.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X6402

Hornby Traction Tyres for Class 92 10 pack...

$21.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8028

Hornby Buffer Oval Head S8910 10 pack X8028

$4.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8030

Hornby Large Neoprene Tyres M1144 10 pack ...

$11.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8031

Hornby Large Couplings Pack - Plastic X8031

$6.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8052

Hornby Plastic Coupling and Retainer 2 Pac...

$2.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8075

Hornby Tender Buffers Set X8075

$2.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8172

Hornby Locomotive Bulb Pack X8172

$11.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8389

Hornby Metal Coupling Hooks 10 Pack X8389

$10.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8439

Hornby Tyre M3776 10 pack X8439

$16.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X8466

Hornby Carbon Brush and Spring 10 Pack X8466

$18.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X9289

Hornby Coupling Pack X9289

$10.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X9703

Hornby Pendolino Extension Coupler Pack X9703

$5.00 (Inc GST)