HO/OO Buildings & Acces


CODE: 66-LK12

Peco LK-12 Country Station Building, brick...

$36.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-LK20X

Peco LK-20X Overall Roof (2 Units) LK20X

$52.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-LK4

Peco LK-4 Platelayer's Hut LK4

$4.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-LK6

Peco LK-6 Bookstall LK6

$8.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-LK78

Peco LK-78 Kit 1, Windows, Doors, Gutters,...

$9.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-LK79

Peco LK-79 Kit 2, Slate Roofs, Ridge Tiles...

$9.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 66-LK80

Peco LK-80 Train Shed Unit LK80

$65.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8002

Hornby Goods Shed Kit R8002

$51.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8003

Hornby Water Tower Kit R8003

$41.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8005

Hornby Signal Box R8005

$43.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8006

Hornby Diesel Maintenance Dept R8006

$69.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8552

Hornby Wooden Garage R8552

$14.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8576

Hornby Garden Shed R8576

$10.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8580

Hornby Telephone Kiosk R8580

$14.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8621

Hornby Terraced House - Left Hand R8621

$29.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8675

Hornby Skaledale Modern Lineside Hut & AWS...

$29.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8682

Hornby Skaledale Greenhouse R8682

$27.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8986

Hornby Brick Garage R8986

$15.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R8991

Hornby Skaledale Water Works Building R8991

$44.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9643

Hornby Skaledale Derelict Cottage No. 1 (U...

$17.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9644

Hornby Skaledale Terrace Townhouse (Unpain...

$21.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9645

Hornby Skaledale Bungalow (Unpainted) R9645

$28.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9661

Hornby Skaledale Low-Relief Factory R9661

$52.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9662

Hornby Low-Relief Modern Factory Front R9662

$49.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9709

Hornby Headingly Insurance Office R9709

$64.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9714

Hornby Shop For Sale R9714

$45.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9725

Hornby LMS Signal Box R9725

$47.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9737

Hornby Skaledale North Eastern Railway Wai...

$28.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9738

Hornby North Eastern Railway Weighbridge R...

$38.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9740

Hornby North Eastern Railway General Offic...

$41.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9741

Hornby North Eastern Railway Booking Offic...

$39.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9742

Hornby North Eastern Railway Goods Shed R9742

$82.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9743

Hornby Skaledale North Eastern Railway Pla...

$22.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9745

Hornby Skaledale North Eastern Railway Sma...

$33.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9755

Hornby Utility Warehouse - Low Relief R9755

$32.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9756

Hornby 'Highland Mills' - Low Relief R9756

$52.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9757

Hornby The Chapel - Low Relief R9757

$47.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9758

Hornby Rainbow Carpets - Low Relief R9758

$42.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9759

Hornby County Hall - Low Relief R9759

$79.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9760

Hornby 'Pickwick Books' - Low Relief R9760

$46.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9761

Hornby 'Ye Olde Tea Shoppe' - Low Relief R...

$48.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9774

Hornby 'National Merchant Bank' R9774

$79.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9776

Hornby Signal Box R9776

$56.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9777

Hornby Weighbridge Office R9777

$36.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9779

Hornby Butterley Waiting Room R9779

$30.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9780

Hornby Locomotive Shed R9780

$120.70 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9782

Hornby Utility Lamp Huts (2 Pack) R9782

$20.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9785

Hornby Crossing Hut R9785

$20.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9786

Hornby Small Signal Box R9786

$29.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9788

Hornby Locomotive Shed Lean To R9788

$22.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9791

Hornby Crescent House R9791

$60.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9800

Hornby Bus Shelter R9800

$14.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9801

Hornby Modern Terraced House R9801

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9802

Hornby Modern Prefab R9802

$51.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9803

Hornby Tin House R9803

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9804

Hornby Modern Detached House R9804

$69.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9807

Hornby Modern Bungalow R9807

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9808

Hornby Timber Store and Workshop R9808

$33.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9809

Hornby Garage Outbuilding R9809

$34.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9810

Hornby Corrugated Iron Workshop R9810

$39.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9811

Hornby Shiplap Lean-to R9811

$26.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9812

Hornby Triple Garage R9812

$33.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9813

Hornby Ex-Barrack Rooms R9813

$68.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9814

Hornby Platform Signal Box R9814

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9815

Hornby Covered Loading Bay R9815

$49.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9816

Hornby Wateringbury Signal Box R9816

$42.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9817

Hornby Raised Water Tank R9817

$42.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9818

Hornby High Brooms Station R9818

$88.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9819

Hornby High Brooms Platform Building R9819

$67.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9820

Hornby Diesel Fuel Tank R9820

$26.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9821

Hornby Wayside Halt Building R9821

$74.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9822

Hornby Steam Shed R9822

$115.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9823

Hornby Platform Subway R9823

$33.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9824

Hornby Station Office R9824

$67.50 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9825

Hornby Railway Stores R9825

$79.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9826

Hornby Detached Brick Garage R9826

$23.10 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9830

Hornby The Shoe Shop R9830

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9831

Hornby The Florist R9831

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9832

Hornby The Restaurant R9832

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9833

Hornby Corner Pub R9833

$53.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9834

Hornby Village Tea Rooms R9834

$49.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9835

Hornby The Hardware Store R9835

$44.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9836

Hornby Granite Station Building R9836

$99.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9838

Hornby Granite Station Signal Box R9838

$62.20 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9839

Hornby Granite Station Water Tower R9839

$53.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9840

Hornby Granite Station Engine Shed R9840

$129.60 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9844

Hornby The Off Licence R9844

$59.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9845

Hornby The Butcher's Shop R9845

$59.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9846

Hornby The Ironmonger's Shop R9846

$59.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9847

Hornby The Greengrocer's Shop R9847

$59.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9848

Hornby The Country Farm House 69-R9848

$99.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9849

Hornby The Country Farm Outhouse 69-R9849

$63.30 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9850

Hornby The Country Farm Tractor/Plough She...

$44.80 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9851

Hornby The Country Farm Dutch Barn 69-R9851

$95.00 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9855

Hornby The Village Garage 69-R9855

$79.90 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9856

Hornby L/H Mid Terraced House 69-R9856

$46.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9857

Hornby R/H Mid Terraced House 69-R9857

$46.40 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9858

Hornby The Sub-Post Office 69-R9858

$59.95 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9859

Hornby The General Store 69-R9859

$69.95 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9860

Hornby The Village Pub 69-R9860

$79.95 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-R9861

Hornby The Fish & Chip Shop 69-R9861

$59.95 (Inc GST)

CODE: 69-X6121

Hornby Traction Tyres for Class 87/Cl42 4 ...

$17.70 (Inc GST)