Arrma NERO BLX With Diff Brain Radio Controlled Car AR106011

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Arrma NERO BLX With Diff Brain Radio Controlled Car AR106011
Perhaps the most powerful monster truck ever built, with almost more power than you can control ... almost. The specially designed ARRMA NERO 'Diff Brain' is fitted with three separate, lockable metal differentials, helping you to truly harness all the crazy 6S speed and torque. The 'Diff Brain' also means that the NERO is essentially four awesome vehicles in one: Blast, Wheelie, Drift and Climb. Don't be afraid.
Unleash four beast modes, on-the-fly. The NERO 6S BLX is a 6S LiPo-ready 4WD 1/8 scale Monster Truck that is primed for aggressive blasting in all environments. You can easily access Smart Diff Technology with the equipped (Electronic Diff Controller) Diff Brain system, all activated from a premium-quality TACTIC TTX-300 2.4Ghz radio transmitter.
AR106011 - Diff Brain (EDC) fitted
AR106009 - Diff Brain (EDC) optional
Smash a trail through the most hostile environments and turn-heads as you pilot this beast beyond previous Monster Truck limitations. A super-detailed pre-cut and decaled body shell provides striking looks. Equipped with an ultra-beefy all-new chassis design and huge Monster Truck wheels and tires, this is a serious bashing machine.
Hurtle towards blistering 60mph+ speeds, then slam your NERO 6S into a controlled drift by accessing the Diff Brain dial on your transmitter. You command the four beast modes. Blast, Wheelie, Drift and Climb like a bashing Pro.